Oguri shun and yamada yu dating

In 1998, by playing the bullied and abused child Noboru Yoshikawa in the drama Great Teacher Onizuka, Shun started to be recognized by the public. His act in that drama attracted the attention, and brought him bigger roles. Two years later, he starred in the popular drama Gokusen, in which he played a part of a bully, rather than the bullied as he did in Great Teacher Onizuka. In 2007, he starred in the drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e as 'Izumi Sano', cooperating with Toma Ikuta and Maki Horikita. In 2008, Oguri took up another lead drama role in Binbō Danshi by playing a poor college student named 'Kazumi Koyama'. In 1999, while working as a model for the Japanese fashion magazine Can Cam under an exclusive contract, she also worked as a singer in the group y'z factory (formed with two other students of the Okinawa Actors School) and released a total of six singles and one album, but in 2002 the group disbanded.Following the group's break up, she moved to television, making her acting debut in the 2001 TV drama series Kabachitare!Seen in part or in whole by 5366 users, rank: #138 (of 7120)Median rating: Very good Arithmetic mean: 7.744 (Very good−), std.

(NHK, 2006) * Hana Yori Dango as Hanazawa Rui (TBS, 2005) * 24 no Hitomi (NTV 2005) * Densha Otoko as Minamoto Munetaka (Fuji TV, 2005) * Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi (Fuji TV, 2005) * Koto as Mizuki Shinichi (TV Asahi, 2005) * Yoshitsune as Kajiwara Kagesue (NHK, 2005) * Aikurushii as Yaguchi Junichi (TBS, 2005) * Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji 3 as Kono Kazuya (Fuji TV, 2005) * Taika no Kaishin as Nakano Oenomiko (NHK, 2005) * Division 1 Hungry Kid (Fuji TV, 2004) * Fire Boys as Yazawa Ken (Fuji TV, 2004, ep4) * Stand Up!! Studio Gash Studio Hibari Studio Liberty Studio Live Studio Mark Studio Toybox Studio Victory Studio Wanpack Synod TNKTriple ATYO Animations Wao World Wombat Xuyang Animation Yūei Finish Animation: AIAssez Finaud Fabric.BEEPBig Owl BTO Korea CJTCL Corporation D-COLORSD-Motion DEFADEXSdrop FAIFAI International Fan Out Front Line Hanil Animation Hiwa I&S Factoryiseri AJM Animation Jumondo Lee Production M. J Musashino Production Marbean Animation MK Seoul Nakamura Production NARA Animation Production Reed PTC Magic RICRising Forcexenron Studio Cj Studio Easter Studio Elle Studio Gash Studio Izena Studio Toys Sung San Sunny Side Up Sunshine Corporation Taikan Anime Kabushiki Kaisha TAPTriple Aunion CHOXuyang Animation In-Between Animation:8 bit A-1 Pictures A-Line Actas AIAICAIC Spirits AIC Takarazuka Ajiado Angle Anime RAnime Spot APPPAsahi Productionasread AZETA PICTURESBEEPBe STACKBig Owl BTOBuyu C2CCASCADE Inc.Shun Oguri married actress and model Yu Yamada on March 14, 2012. permalink * Name (romaji): Oguri Shun * Nicknames: Ogushun, Guri, Ogurin * Profession: Actor and seiyu * Birthdate: 1982-Dec-26 * Birthplace: Kodaira, Tokyo, Japan * Height: 184cm * Weight: 74kg * Star sign: Capricorn * Blood type: O * Family: Older brother (Ryo) and older sister * Talent agency: Tristone About Shun Shun debuted on the small screen when he was 13..started gaining some attention with his role of 'Uchiyama Haruhiko' aka "Uchi" in the hit drama Gokusen back in 2002, but it wasn't until 2005 that he had his breakthrough role as 'Hanazawa Rui' in the hugely popular drama Hana Yori Dango and he rose to prominence..gained even more attention with his role as 'Sano Izumi' in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e in 2007. What is the best drama& movie of him you ever watched?

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